This was taken at one of the earlier locks on the Wey Navigation. Adam reluctantly relinquished control of the camera to Jon for the 2nd shot. Photo stops from here on became less frequent as the terrain was becoming more difficult and stopping and starting was the most challenging part of the activity.
I knew that the path along the Wey was, unlike the surfaced Thames towpath, a mixture of narrow footpaths and meadows, which often brought our speed down to 5 MPH and required significantly more effort to cover. As a result the next 7 or 8 miles really started to take its toll on my legs. We reached Ripley, our original planned stopped at about 4pm but we contemplated the possibility of completing the ride the same day. We knew that the amount of daylight was limited (and we didn't fancy attempting these sort of paths in the dark), and despite now feeling quite tired I was beginning to wonder if I would be up to cycling again the following day. We deliberated for a bit then decided to for it, accepting the fact we may have to stop before Godalming. The following two hours were the hardest of the day and I don't think I've ever uttered as many expletives in the space of 120 minutes. I remember checking the mileage with Adam every five minutes only to be irritated by the response that we had barely covered 2/10th of a mile. Pyrford lock to Stoke lock is about 9 miles but it took nearly 2 hours. It was now 6pm and dark, so we called it a day and headed to the nearest pub to plan how to get back to the
B & B in Ripley!