Guildford - St Catherines Mill

The next day my legs were remarkably no more stiff or wobbly than they are most mornings these days, so after making it to last orders at breakfast and stopping at the fantastic bakers cafe in Ripley (for the benefit of Jon and Adam who had decided to stay up somewhat later the night before and had missed the B & B 8.15 breakfast deadline) we decided to drive back to Guildford and continue to the end of the route at Godalming. And in order to avoid any logistical transport problems we planned to cycle back to Guildford as well. Terrain was only a little easier than the final section the previous day, but with a (relatively) fresh pair of legs the ride was a great deal more pleasurable. The first shot here is the final action photo of the trip, with Adam afterwards vowing NEVER to work with us again having cycled past him 0.3MPH faster than he had allowed for with his shutter speed and 5.64 meters too far apart from each other, throwing his depth of field calculation into disarray.
Having completely unzipped his fleece TWICE on Thursday, Jon was was prepared to go no further than this today.